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1) Corrosion problems and countermeasure in modern high-tech industries
2) Corrosion and protection in advanced materials (nano structured materials, composites, etc.)
3) Corrosion and protection in light alloys
4) Integrity of pipelines
5) Corrosion and protection in natural environments (atmosphere, water and sea water, soils, microorganisms)
6) Corrosion and protection in industrial environments (petroleum, chemical, energy sources, aeronautics and astronautics, constructions, communication, power and other industries)
7) Corrosion and protection in polluted water
8) Corrosion of concretes
9) Local corrosion (pitting, crevice corrosion, intergranular corrosion, etc.)
10) Hydrogen embrittlement and stress corrosion cracking
11) Corrosion fatigue
12) Corrosion-erosion
13) High temperature corrosion and protection
14) Corrosion electrochemistry and electrochemical testing techniques
15) Cathodic protection and anodic protection
16) New corrosion resistant materials
17) Inhibitors
18) Surface protection techniques
19) Surface analytical techniques
20) Industrial examining and monitoring
21) Computer applications in corrosion and protection fields
22) Corrosion databank and information system
23) Failure analysis and industrial serving
24) Corrosion testing methods and standards
25) Duration and life prediction
26) Corrosion education and training
27) Corrosion economics and management

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